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Hello and good day!!!

I am so stoked that you’ve taken interest in the music I listen to and I am excited to be able to share my playlists with you. Hopefully you will find some new artists to enjoy. I think if I was able to use some of this music in videos without being demonetised my channel would have been very different from the start. When I started out the entire royalty free music thing was so overwhelming that I didn’t bother, and by the time I felt ready to navigate that world or incorporate music when editing I had come to realise that I really enjoyed making videos without music instead choosing to showcase the sounds of nature. Also, as someone who is very easily overstimulated it feels good to create content that is easier for people to view if they too struggle with music playing over talking or other things like that. So much of what I love about living in a van is being able to enjoy the quietness of nature so I like to share that as much as I can.

Okay little ramble done, and I don’t mean to turn this post into one of those recipe blogs where you can’t find the recipe amidst someones entire life story, BUT I do want to take this moment to let you know what I am starting a newsletter?? The questions marks are because I’m honestly not quite sure what I’m doing but I figure it will be a great way to share a few of my current favourite songs from time to time along with what ever else strikes my fancy to share. It will be a joyful random time and I hope you’ll come alone. If you do want to sign up for my newsletter you can subscribe HERE. OR here, you can click any of this text and it will take you to the sign up page. 

Okay on to the goods, this first play list is actually my Sporty wrapped playlist of my top 100 song played in 2022. I only started using Spotify in August so these ARE the songs in my current rotation, ESPECIALLY the first half of the playlist


The next playlist on is one I created myself on Apply music and it began in 2020 when I was last on the road travelling in the USA. For the next couple years I slowly added songs and this playlist became what I listened to most of the time I was driving any further than across town. It holds a special place in my heart even if it has been nice to dive into many new artists after switching to Spotify. The order of the playlist is NOT curated as I always listened to it on SHUFFLE.


I hope you enjoy exploring the music I listen to frequently. I absolutely LOVE music and listening to music, it’s a big part of my life and I look forward to sharing future favourites with you. I hope you have an amazing day/night and I’ll see ya soon 💜