I have always preferred my coffee black. That is until I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and I started to want a little more in the mornings. I wanted a little more comfort, a little more substance, and a little more pep in my step. That’s why I’ve created this delicious vegan breakfast mocha that will help energize and heal on the trail and off.

In preparation for a long trail or busy backpacking season, I make large batches of the drink mixture minus the instant coffee. I then bag a trip or resupply worth at a time. Each morning in camp I simply add the mixture and my instant coffee of choice to some hot water, stir and voila! If you don’t drink instant coffee it can be added to coffee however you brew it or enjoyed without coffee at all.

Backcountry Vegan Mocha

20g Cane Sugar
10g Cacao
10g Coconut Milk Powder
1.5g Maca
1.5g Siberian Ginseng
Instant Coffee to taste (optional)
12 oz. Hot Water

Approximate cost per cup is 65cents* CDN for bulk batching.
*this will vary depending on your supplier.

Nutritional Profile 

200 calories
7.7g fat
4.3g protein
2.6g fiber
source of magnesium, iron, and potassium

Cacao is rich in antioxidants while the maca enhances endurance and stamina. Siberian ginseng has anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties and the coconut milk provides a healthy source of fats in the backcountry.

For this recipe, I use entirely organic ingredients which I purchase in bulk from OM Foods, a local whole foods supplier. This allows me to enjoy quality ingredients while bringing down the cost of making months worth at a time as well as reduce packaging.

If you’re not the backpacking type it’s delicious in the morning sun curled up with a book, or without coffee after a chilly day hike or ski. If you try this recipe please let me know what you think on Facebook or Instagram and if you would like more nutritious backcountry friendly vegan recipes.