On Sunday March 30th, 2014 at 5:02pm the bright light that was my beloved Gramma Marredy faded to darkness. She was my closest grandparent and my biggest fan. Being away from my friends and family makes it hard to sort out my feelings, so I headed to the beach to watch the sunset on her final day. I’m not always good at dealing with my emotions, but being in nature always helps.

I created this timelapse to symbolize the passing of a loved one. I know Marredy would have loved it, and I know she would be proud of me for finding peace in a difficult time. Although death is a difficult part of life to face it is an inevitable part of beautiful cycle, and one which allows for new life, change and growth.

Please take a moment while you watch this beautiful sunset to remember loved ones passed from your own life. Each day is a blessing, so experience life and follow your heart. It’s never too late to get healthy, live longer, and share more love

I love you Gramma.