A Photographer’s Perspective

During the winter Squamish is typically very wet being that it is nestled within a valley surrounded by coastal temperate rainforest. Having grown up on Vancouver Island I find this comforting, and welcome it as a yearly challenge. I often dream of travelling to drier lands for climb and to photograph new terrains, yet I never have. I’m so content in this community I see no reason to spend energy to get away. Year after year I find new ways to enjoy the wet season, but this year came as a unexpected surprised. Shortly after winter solstice the rain ended again and dryness set in. The days began to grow longer, and although it was cold I got out climbing or shooting photos almost every single day.


I unknowingly gave myself two challenges. The first being to use my tripod more and play with long exposures. The second challenge was to develop my bouldering technique, and photography skills. It’s been weeks of great conditions for both, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that these conditions continue, but I will certainly be making the best of what comes.


I hope you you not only enjoy my winter through photos, but every day that passes regardless of the weather.