This Year is For You

Thank You

Today I enter the last year of my twenties, and what a beautiful day to start a new year it is. Snow fell in Squamish making today brightly overcast, dry, and white. A cold, calm, and beautiful day couldn’t be more appreciated than today as I move forward in life towards a bright future. Most people have a freak out upon turning thirty, but for me twenty-nine has got my wheels turning more than I imagined. I can’t help but remember back to how I imagined my life would be at various stages during my youth. It seems I have much to accomplish in the next year, that is if I hadn’t already realized I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

When I was five I imagined by now I would a famous Paleontologist working in far off lands helping to build the puzzle of our past. At ten years old I was very athletically driven excelling at most sports, I was destined to be a underdog in the Olympics. By the time I was fifteen all I cared about was being hot, rich, and famous; a fashion designer or actress it didn’t matter I just wanted to succeed at the ‘American dream’. As a twenty year old university student I imagined by now I would have at least one PhD, have my student loan paid off, be a cutting edge scientist, and married with children on the way. By the time twenty-five rolled around I had reconnected with my spiritual self, found the courage to leave a long-term relationship that wasn’t good for me, overcame my desire for wealth and fame, and found that my priorities lied in nature and community connections. By that point in time I had come to accept that my life is extremely eventful and that my nature of seizing opportunities and going with the flow made it impossible to imagine my future. Last year my life was in such extreme disarray all I could hope for was to not be in physical and emotional harm from myself and others. I don’t think any year has brought me as much change as the past. I’m extremely thankful for the hard times I’ve faced and for all the dreams that never came true.

Now I am ‘living the dream’, or at least the dream according many people within the world I play. Through taking risks, determination, creativity and kindness I have found myself in a place that seems world away only a year ago. I’m well on my way to being a profitable, full time photographer with a great studio space to work. I have a quirky and homey van that I own to share with me awesome best friend Squawesome Frank. Best of all is I’ve made kindness, generosity, and good-will a habit.

To me there is no better place to be than one where you are contributing to a better world. This wouldn’t be possible without all the love and support from my friends, family, and the community of people that support my dreams here in Squamish and across the world. So as I enter this year I want to say thank you to all.

This year is for you and the quest for love.

Chief Night Snow