In the midst of moving into my van I came across a piece of camera gear I realized I had purchased, yet never used; a circular ND filter. This realization just happened to come during some of the darkest, coldest, and wettest weather we will face this winter. Not one to be fazed by poor weather I headed out with my camera on several different occasions to capture water in motion along my favourite Squamish river, The Stawamus. After these practice session I now keep the filter with me at all times finding new uses for it, and expanding my repertoire of skills. Perhaps at first I was intimidated by something new, but by stepping out of my comfort zone I’ve enjoyed bringing new ideas to life.


It’s interesting to watch how learning one skill can expand into endless ideas and opportunities. I find friends are often like skills, when you let a good one become a part of your life you could never imagine the wonderful changes and adventures that ensue. The discovery of new skills and friends elevates passions, sparking a drive to explore new possibilities even in the depths of winter.