Lately I’ve been finding it easier, and easier to keep a smile on my face, and on those around me. Little things that used to drive me mad don’t even blip on my radar, and even the bigger things like breaking my nose barely register. The more I find myself smiling and remaining positive through hardships the more good luck seems to come my way. Moving into a van certainly hasn’t been a easy transition, but with a sunny disposition it’s been a excellent challenge that has shown me just how generous and kind the community is. This lighter, brighter attitude seems to have seeped into my photography. Today I found a set of photos from my visit to Victoria, BC in September; instead of scolding myself for not finishing them I took it as a great opportunity to recreate some works in progress. What resulted was a lot brighter, and more colorful than my original vision; something I find a lot more appealing during these dark days.