Expect nothing and be forever fulfilled.

With each year that passes I find myself more in the life I always imagined for myself, although I had never defined it or planned for it. I’m not a big planning type preferring to follow my intuition; this leads to learning by mistakes as well as countless blessed moments. I have no idea where I’ll be next year, next month, or even tomorrow; I know I’ll be content whatever the result though. Today I found myself helping a friend enjoy a full day skiing by taking her doggies, Mic & Lola for an adventure. Together with Squamwesome Frank we headed up the banks of the Stawamus River to play and photograph while enjoying some delicious coffee.  The pack distracted Frank from bringing me sticks while I was shooting; an unexpected benefit of taking extra dogs along. Then while framing the next shot Lola runs by and destroys the ice crystals I was about to shoot. In the past this would have bothered me greatly, but now I just keep on rolling along the bank until the next photo finds me.  By the end of the day I had a clearer mind, some nice photos, three happy dogs, a happy friend and a cup full of wild Oyster mushrooms.

Going with the flow has helped hone my intuition allowing me to continually soak in the sweetness of the world around. When joy is the currency richness comes effortlessly.