The more time I spend with Frank, the more I find myself choosing to share my time with the friends who have quieter minds. Since Frank doesn’t say much our time toeghter is quiet, and filled with self exploration. Frank is constantly testing his physical limits, while I search for truth. Spending quiet time in nature while wandering with friends is one of my favourite ways to enjoy company. With less being said aloud it’s easier to feel the moments together. Too many times have I walked with friends not noticing the forest due to the drama that consumed our conversations. Today while exploring the upper Stawamus river I enjoyed scrambling about the riverbed taking photos, while my friend meditated nearby. I’m not entirely sure what Frank was up to, but each of us was enjoying our own moment. Together we experienced nature in a new way that allowed us to grow individually either spiritually, creatively, or physically. Just as change never ceases, neither does out growth. We make the choice daily to either nurture our growth to allow it to stagnate.


Today in the dark and misty forest growth was abundant, and joy abound. Avoiding lonliness with poor company is not worth stagnating.