As each winter ends I wait patiently for the greenery of my wild food sources to return. Leaf by leaf spring takes over, and before long my forested commute is full of colourful flowers signalling the approaching food season. Three weeks ago I excitedly ate my first wild berry of the season. Salmonberries are always the first to ripen, and they do so in a variety of textures, colours, and flavours. Often the orange variety is passed up even when ripe simply because most people associate red with ripe berries, but secretly they are one of the tastiest. As I wait for more berry varieties to ripen I am rounding out my wild diet of Salmonberries with Hemlock tips, and wild rose pedals. As I learn and grow with my new macro lens I will continue to share my wild food adventures in greater and greater detail, next up the Huckleberry, my favourite.