A little more than two weeks ago I became the first official manager of the Sea to Sky Adventure Company. I’ve been exceptionally busy as it’s the fastest growing company, in the fastest growing industry, in the fastest growing town in BC. Everyday I am excited to learn and grow with the company, as well as provide my employees with one of the most fun summer jobs in town.

Everyday I get to enjoy a quiet walk from Valleycliffe through the still resting Smoke Bluffs park and along Loggers lane to the Squamish Adventure Centre. For breakfast I eat wild berries and other plants on my walk, while taking time to appreciate each new flower that sprouts. Another benefit to this early morning walk is that I am often the first one to travel my route each day which means I see a lot of wildlife I wouldn’t otherwise spot. I’ve spotted exotic looking birds that I’ve never seen in Squamish before, baby squirrels, baby gosling’s, martins, and even a beaver. From my home in Valleycliffe my commute is not only the shortest possible foot commute I could take to any job in town, but it is also the most enjoyable and peaceful commutes imaginable.

I am extremely thankful for this wonderful job opportunity and all the goodness it has brought into my daily life. It’s also becoming a great venue through which to grow my photography and presence in the adventure tourism industry here in Squamish. ┬áThis is a view of the Chief beyond the Mamquam Blind Channel, I am lucky enough to witness this daily and will continue to share this view with the changing tides and season. Seize opportunities and Enjoy!