Since starting my new position with Sea to Sky Adventure Company I spend the majority of my time within a 1km range of my home. At first I found no time or opportunity to take photos; until I purchased my first ever macro lens. I’ve always considered myself to be an avid naturalist, but was constantly frustrated by my inability to photograph the small things around me in the detail I desired. I craved photos that would make taxonomic identification easy as well as inspire further gathering of knowledge. Everyday as I walk to work, go to gather food, or explore the woods and riverbanks of Squamish I take great pleasure ‘smelling the flowers’; acquiring this new lens allows me to keep smelling those flowers, at home in ‘HD’. My small roaming area how been greatly expanded into the micro world, and already my knowledge has expanded.

When I first took this photo I thought I had captured a bee; I felt very brave for getting so close. It didn’t take long though before coming to the realization it was a type of fly not a bee, and so the research began. I easily identified it as a common Hoverfly (Syrphus ribesii)¬†while learning several interesting facts. The Hoverfly larvae feeds on aphids and other plant-sucking insects making them a important crop protecting ally. They can be easily identified by a characteristic vein in they wings, and although they mimic bees they are completely harmless. Their mellow nature, bright colour, and ‘cute’ appearance has made them a new friend to this photographer. I look forward to continuing to photograph these adorable and helpful insects.