I had blindly responded yes to a post regarding an autumn ski free attempt of Mamquam Mountain, and even though there wasn’t much information to be found I was fully committed. In preparation for the long walk to Mamquam I met with my new partner for a scramble up Tricouni peak, just north of Squamish. Not only did we need to meet and plan our trip, but I was just getting over a bad lung infection and needed a solid day in the mountains to clear my body of its congestion. We met downtown much earlier than I tend to raise (still no alpine start), but I was pleased to discover he had brought along an acquaintance of mine who I was more than happy to spend a day getting to know. Full of excitement and passion for mountains we were off to enjoy a gray, overcast day of scrambling Tricouni peak.

In every report of Tricouni I ever read there were consistent reports of the trail being very muddy at the beginning. It was the end of a long dry September, and I disregarded this warning of mud only to be amazed by the sloppiness of the trail.  Turns out that even in the driest of conditions the mud isn’t swayed; I would hate to attempt the trail during spring melt or autumn rains. Other than the mud the trail was pleasant and straightforward. The talus was relatively solid, and the final section of scrambling was only slightly exposed, but nonetheless enjoyable. Visibility increased throughout the day, not that it matted much with the great company I was with.