During the middle of last winter a job opportunity arose in a much sunnier and drier climate, in northern Saskatchewan. Although it meant six weeks without climbing, greeness, and proper healthy food it also meant a substantial camera upgrade which I was long overdue for. It was my second winter working in northern Saskatchewan doing exploration geology; I was much more prepared for the extreme coldness and unpalatable food this time around. I filled my suitcase with healthy and delicious nuts and dried fruit, as well as several chocolate bars to bring balance to my diet. As a bonus I made friends who enjoyed photoadventuring on down times from work, and on several occasions we enjoyed spectacular displays of the aurora borealis. It was torture waiting for the six weeks to be over so I could return to Squamish and pick up my new camera, but still a very enjoyable working vacation from home. These are just a few of my favourites from the season: Core camp, the ice road under different conditions, and snow drifts on the side of the runway.