Garibaldi Mountain as seen from Smoke Bluffs summit, Squamish BC

“2011 has come to a end and what better way to spend the last few hours of daylight than out hiking. I borrowed Dex from Climb On and we wandered our way through Smoke Bluffs to the summit.  Howe Sound was serene as the sun set and Garibaldi glistened through the clouds. I am very grateful to call Squamish home and eagerly anticipate what is to come in 2012.” ~ Caption from original Flickr posting

When I look back to when this photo was taken, and ponder the events since I find it hard to believe it was only slightly more than a year ago. A whirlwind of change and opportunity has since swept through my life taking me along an unimaginable path towards my dreams. The majority of my ‘plans’ for myself never panned out; instead I leapt through every open door, siezed every opportunity, remained open minded, and most importantly trusted myself.

From then until now, and into the future this is the journey.