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Pure Intentions Project

For the 99% climbing isn’t about being a sponsored pro, it’s not about being a babe on the rock, and it’s not about risking your life. For most people who climb it’s about enjoying nature, personal challenge & growth, and most importantly it’s about having fun. Despite how the media may represent climbers, there is no body or personality type specific to climbers; anyone you know could secretly be a climber. In fact, one of the greatest side effects of climbing is the community of people it brings together from all different backgrounds. For two Squamish women, Kenzie Wade, and Amanda Shpeley climbing has become a way of life regardless of their abilities. Climbing plays in integral role in their lives, contributing greatly to both their physical and mental wellness as well as shaping their community.


Kenzie began climbing in spring 2013 and immediately fell in love with the activity despite her fear of heights. On her second day climbing Kenzie, met Amanda, a Squamish resident, who had been dedicated to climbing for the past 5 years. Soon after, Kenzie relocated from Whistler to Squamish, and their friendship grew. Living in the climbing capital of Canada the women couldn’t help but noticed that not only was there an amazing community of people, but more importantly that their world wasn’t represented in the media.


In response the pair started the Pure Intentions Project with the goal of representing the 99%, encouraging environmental stewardship, and to share the power of community spirit. Pure Intention means to climb for fun, for you, and to do it while making the world a better place. As with all climbers Kenzie, and Amanda both wish to be stronger climbers and have lists of goals, but they also want to encourage all novice climbers to focus on climbing for fun, not glory, to be cool, or get attention.


Along with being a motivating force for beginners the pair will focus on encouraging all climbers to give back to the community through crag maintenance days and community service. Whether you climb or not these women will inspire you to improve your physical and mental health as well as that of the global community. The pair recently launched a Facebook page where they will share their experiences, as well as provide creative ways to give back to the community wherever you live.  Please join them on their journey of Pure Intentions here on Tideline to Alpine, Facebook, and individual in Instagram as tidelinetoalpine (Amanda) & kenzieann_ (Kenzie)


Thank you for your interest in the project, for following, and for sharing.  Stay tuned as they use social media, blogs, photography and video to transform their passion for climbing into an outlet for personal and social change.