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Dark Dampness of Winter

Having grown up on Vancouver Island I was used to the long, wet, dark winter when I moved to Squamish. What I wasn’t used to was most of my friends leaving town when summer ended in search of dry locations for climbing. Luckily the friends that did stay also enjoy hiking in marginal conditions, and are always armed with a camera (even if it mostly ends up being used for weight training instead of photos). These are a few of my favourite pictures off my flickr photostream while making the best of last winter here in Squamish.


Elfin Lakes Snowshoeing

I had missed celebrating New Year’s with friends at the Elfin Lake hut due to work only to find myself there less than two weeks later. Three of us snowshoed into Garibaldi provincial park where we spent two nights at the Elfin Lake hut.  With heat and cooking facitities provided we spend the days riding our thermarests down slopes and taking photos. This one here was one of my favourites, the Tantalus range at sunrise.

A portrait I took of a friends beardcicles with the original trip report:

Estuary Reflections

Living in Squamish I often pass time in the estuary during the wet season. With every stroll I bring my camera; sometimes we  stalk birds, or bears while other times I like to pearch up in a tree to take it all in. One day I found myself up in a tree during a slack tide only to re-discover the beauty of the westward mountains as reflected on the estuary surface.


Garibaldi Goodbye 2011, A Revisit

Garibaldi Mountain as seen from Smoke Bluffs summit, Squamish BC

“2011 has come to a end and what better way to spend the last few hours of daylight than out hiking. I borrowed Dex from Climb On and we wandered our way through Smoke Bluffs to the summit.  Howe Sound was serene as the sun set and Garibaldi glistened through the clouds. I am very grateful to call Squamish home and eagerly anticipate what is to come in 2012.” ~ Caption from original Flickr posting

When I look back to when this photo was taken, and ponder the events since I find it hard to believe it was only slightly more than a year ago. A whirlwind of change and opportunity has since swept through my life taking me along an unimaginable path towards my dreams. The majority of my ‘plans’ for myself never panned out; instead I leapt through every open door, siezed every opportunity, remained open minded, and most importantly trusted myself.

From then until now, and into the future this is the journey.