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NOTE: This page has not been updated for 5+ years…

I’ve been a resident of Squamish BC for the past four years after moving here to pursue my passions for photography and climbing. I discovered my love of both hobbies along the shorelines of the west coast before realizing my passion for mountains. I am as inspired to explore the tideline as I am the alpine, hence my name Tideline to Alpine. I travel very little instead preferring to foster my connection to the Coast Mountains, and share images and stories of my homelands with the world.

I choose to live in a van to maximize my time in nature and connection to the community. By living a simpler life I not only have more time to follow my dreams, but I also have plenty of excess time and energy to put into community service and spreading positive energy.  Living as a `starving artist` means I can be a `big sister`, talk publically about my experience with depression,  mentor new climbers, and find other ways to give back. As humans we all have a choice how we use our talents and I make a conscious choice every day to use my photography in ways that I hope will inspire others to protect nature landscapes, explore the wilderness, and live a healthier life.

A Still Mind

Find the calmness within allowing it to peameate your daily interactions. Spread love.

I was born in Prince George, but grew up on Vancouver Island with much appreciation to my parents who made the move for my brother and me. As a child family time was full of outdoor activities from hiking and camping to fishing and gardening. I was raised to appreciate nature, respect life and live honestly.  By the age of eight I had my own backpacking kit to camp independently on trips with my parents. This type of independence has stuck with me leading me into the mountains alone quite often. Most of my greatest challenges and successes have been on solo trips. It has taught me to explore without my ego, and I am much safer for it.

At the age of five I received my first camera; a 110mm film compact point and shoot. Over the years I`ve had various cameras from film to digital, yet all point and shoots. This forced me to be creative and focus on composition to capture images that stand out. I am thankful I was never given a DSLR earlier because now I know the camera doesn`t make the photographer, instead the photographer makes the camera.

 The Dark Side

Follow your dreams, pure and simple.

Looking into the future I dream of a family of my own, desert bouldering, another awesome dog, and a growing platform to encourage health and wellness of the self and the earth.

Frank Slab Portrait

 Frank, my best friend, adventure companion, and frequent subject

Please join me in this adventure we call life

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Thank you to all who have supported me, challenged me, and inspired me.